Friday, May 23, 2014

Introducing: Nicole

Hi. My name is Nicole. And I'm a bookaholic.

Hello, Nicole.

I've come to this blog because a fellow bookaholic recognized the symptoms in me and invited me along. I'm here for book support.

Welcome, Nicole

And by "book support" I mean I come searching for more books to read.

That's--wait, what?

Yeah, that's what support groups do, right? Help each other...?

You mean you're looking for an enabler?

Right! Exactly! I'm looking for a blog that will help me connect to other bookaholics who like similar books and we can discuss those books. And read more. I need an enabler.

You do realize that enabler has a bad connotation, don't you?

What do I care as long as I find good books because of it?



Well, I guess you should introduce yourself...?

Right. I'm Nicole.

Hello, Nicole.

Yeah, you did that already.


So I'm Nicole and I read. A lot. When I'm not running after my three sons under the age of 6 (!) you can find me doing one of three things: Reading, writing or singing. I currently have an obsession with YA dystopian fiction but who doesn't right now? It's everywhere.

I like to pretend that I read many other genres as well--biographies, memoirs, classics--but I'd probably just read YA all the time if I didn't feel guilty when talking to smart friends. That conversation usually goes something like this:

Me: So what are you reading right now?

Smart Friend: This book written by a pair of married journalists who travel the world documenting cases of extreme poverty and all the ways in which women are used and taken advantage of. It's really one of those pieces that gets you thinking and makes you want to give all your money and possessions away. What about you?

Me: Um, well... A book about an angel and a demon that fall in love in the midst of crazy battles and alternate universes. It's one of those pieces that gets me thinking about lovey-dovey stuff and makes me want to make out with my husband.


Ahem. So I try to read to a variety of genres.

At the moment I live the Washington, DC area. I say "at the moment" because I move. A lot. Most recently I moved from Mexico City, Mexico (yes, the country of Mexico) to DC. I met both Bekah and Kris way back in the day in Florida. And I will probably move again in the near future. And forevermore. So be it.

And that's me.

Well, that was--to be truthful--it wasn't very informative at all. Is that all you're going to tell us?

What are you talking about? I just said a lot of words.

But you only really told us, like, three things: You read, you have three kids and you live in DC.

I think that's enough for now. Become an enabler and you'll learn a lot more about me.


That was a nice first meeting! Usually when I have a conversation with myself it's much snarkier. I do hope we'll get to enabling each other's book habits soon enough!

Over and out.


  1. Thanks for not mentioning anything about Listerine during the course of this introduction.