Saturday, May 24, 2014

Book Review: The Falconer by Elizabeth May

Book Description: 
One girl's nightmare is this girl's faery tale. 

She's a stunner.
Edinburgh, 1844. Eighteen-year-old Lady Aileana Kameron, the only daughter of the Marquess of Douglas, has everything a girl could dream of: brains, charm, wealth, a title — and drop-dead beauty.

She's a liar.
But Aileana only looks the part of an aristocratic young lady. She's leading a double life: She has the rare ability to sense the sìthichean — the faery race obsessed with slaughtering humans — and, with the aid of a mysterious mentor, has spent the year since her mother died learning how to kill them.

She's a murderer.
Now Aileana is dedicated to slaying the fae before they take innocent lives. With her abilities and her knack for inventing ingenious tools and weapons — from flying machines to detonators to lightning pistols — ruthless Aileana has one goal: Destroy the faery who destroyed her mother.

She's a Falconer.
The last in a line of female warriors born with the gift for hunting and killing the fae, Aileana is the sole hope of preventing a powerful faery population from massacring all of humanity. Suddenly, her quest is a lot more complicated. She still longs to avenge her mother's murder — but she'll have to save the world first.
My Thoughts: 
Loved, this book, loved, LOVED, LOVED this story! I must own in hardback, I loved it that much!

I think this is my first "steampunk" book. Steampunk is fantasy where there are crazy cool inventions in a time where there quite possibly can't have, because in real history they were no where near that advanced. So the setting is 1844 and as you can tell by the picture this heroine has some cool/funky looking gun = "steampunk."

So we have Aileana who is a gorgeous debutante by day but by night a cold-hearted assassin of fae as she seeks revenge on the one who murdered her mother. I rather liked her as a character I like characters who have 2 sides to them a "day and night" where they role play but have to keep the other side of themselves hidden. Which is the real Aileana well that's what so great about these kinds of stories. :) At night she trains with a very old fae named Kiaran. A icy, stubborn, guarded character who is often blunt which is refreshing. He trains and helps Aileana hunt down and kill fae. Hmmm interesting a fae who turns on his own kind, why? add more mystery to the story.

The fae themselves are freaking cool, on one hand you've got these nasty, evil, smelly creatures who are obviously bad. Then on the other hand you've got fae who are frighteningly beautiful but overall the fae are not good. Which again brings in a lot of mystery and something new to the table in regards to the fae. 

I liked that there is a very nice, slow, undertone of romance. One that is subtle, always there but not one that overwhelms the story. With this however is a possible love triangle as Aileana life during the day intertwines with her desires of what goes on at night and how she has to face feelings for one now, and one she had a long time ago that could possibly be hers now. 

If you like strong female characters who kick butt and a story that is fun and action packed this is it. I loved this book-I think I said that already and highly recommend this story! 

Sexual Content: mild
Language: mild
Violence: moderate (fighting scenes and killings of mythological creatures of the fae)
Drugs/Alcohol: mild/none

5/5 stars

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