Thursday, May 22, 2014

Book Review: A Creature of Moonlight by Rebecca Hahn

Book Description:
A stunning debut novel about a girl who is half dragon, half human, and wholly herself.

As the only heir to the throne, Marni should have been surrounded by wealth and privilege, not living in exile-but now the time has come when she must choose between claiming her birthright as princess of a realm whose king wants her dead, and life with the father she has never known: a wild dragon who is sending his magical woods to capture her.

Fans of Bitterblue and Seraphina will be captured by A Creature of Moonlight, with its richly layered storytelling and the powerful choices its strong heroine must make.
My Thoughts:
Not much of a description, I know but I LOVED this book! I had a blast reading it and fell in love with Rebecca Hahn writing. Her writing style alone was magical and mystical for this story I just loved ever word she wrote. I felt the woods around me I could hear them singing, it was THAT good. I'm telling you, the writing alone I just loved.

The tale is not one that think it is about which is great! Because when it comes to dragons we've gotten plenty of stories of people changing INTO them but not one quite like this one which is even better.

Marni is a girl kept as a flower keeper's daughter where she spends her days growing flowers to sell to those who come for them. All Marni has is her grandfather to take care of and who tries to take care of her. It's a unique relationship one you really come to understand as the story progresses. Marni is drawn to the magical woods that sits just behind the house and garden where she lives and it constantly calls to her. She is warned to stay out and away from these woods because those enter never come back out, except one, her mother, who went it one day and months later comes back out...pregnant. To save the child's life the father of this girl takes the child and hides in the woods to raise the child alone, and safe from her Uncle who wishes to kill the child. Marni lives a very simple life but one she loves as she is near the woods she loves and the flowers she loves to tend plus a grandfather whom loves her and she loves him. I really enjoyed the strength of Marni, she is amazing and I truly loved her character. She is smart, resourceful, has wisdom that helps her through situations she never thought she find herself in.

Without giving too much of this story away I would HIGHLY recommend this story. It's not what you think it's about, there are some amazing twists and turns you do not see coming. A nice underlining of possible romance that keeps you guessing-which I like. And a magical and mystical story that will keep you reading.

Sexual Content: mild
Language: mild (I think)
Violence: moderate (some fight scene, a character getting killed)
Drugs/Alcohol: mild (wine passed around at the dinner table)
5/5 stars

*A HUGE thank you goes out to Rebecca Hahn who gave me an ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review.

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