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Book Review: Unravel Me By: Tahereh Mafi

Book Description:
it's almost
time for war.

Juliette has escaped to Omega Point. It is a place for people like her—people with gifts—and it is also the headquarters of the rebel resistance.

She's finally free from The Reestablishment, free from their plan to use her as a weapon, and free to love Adam. But Juliette will never be free from her lethal touch.

Or from Warner, who wants Juliette more than she ever thought possible.

In this exhilarating sequel to Shatter Me, Juliette has to make life-changing decisions between what she wants and what she thinks is right. Decisions that might involve choosing between her heart—and Adam's life.

My Thoughts:
Major reason for the 5 stars? The
way Tahereh Mafi writes.Yes I added that picture because that is how I felt about her writing! I was amazed at how her language, imagery, wording, all flowed and it was like a song/poem in my mind as she described thoughts and feelings. I loved the fact that we were in the mind of Juliette whose had a most interesting/sad upbringing and the effects it's had on her as a person. I loved the way that the author would write what Juliette would think and then scratch it out and think of something else, we as people do that and it was way fun to read in that way.

Alright, so enough of my love gushing for her writing style lets go back to book 1 for a moment. I was so shocked as I read other people's review of 'Shatter Me' and how they were "Team Warner" when I thought that Warner was a psycho maniac who needed to be put down! I was all about Team Adam! But they must've seen something in him that I most certainly did NOT! Well, in this 2nd book of the series Adam bugged me cause I felt like he was crying and weak and annoying! Where was the strong person from book 1???? So I was like, "Adam-I want to punch you" then Warner comes back into the picture and I'm like, "EWWWW" then I REALLY get to know Warner and see a whole other side of him that I had no idea existed! Needless-to-say I think I'm Team Warner! AAAHHHH! Without giving away any spoilers let me just say I was shocked at my reaction to both characters in this second book and Tehereh Mafi did a great job of confusing me to which one I really wanted to root for! GEEZ Mafi! RUDE!

Juliette was a bit of a frustration at first as she went back into her shell (understandably so) but I wanted that strong part of Juliette that came out towards the end of book1 to continue and it didn't but I get it, I really do it was just a bit annoying to read her mope around... but I still could appreciate her as a person and everything about her.

Overall I love this series, I can't wait to read the next book!

Sexual Content: Moderate (a few HEAVY make-out scenes)
Language: mild
Violence: moderate
Drugs/Alcohol: none

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  1. I really really need to start this series ASAP, sounds awesome