Friday, June 7, 2013

Book Review: Tryst By: Elswyth Thane

Book Description:
When Sabrina Archer, a lonely girl of 17, moves with her father and aunt away from their city flat in London to the lavish summer home of Nuns Farthing for her father's work, she has nothing to do but explore the English country home. Finding a locked room at the top floor of the house, Sabrina picks the lock one afternoon and subsequently spends many days trying to discover the identity of the man who used to enjoy the personal study. He seems glamorous to her and it is inevitable that she falls in love with him. But can this obsession end happily?
My Thoughts:
So this is more of a classic, written in 1939 so I had to get used to the writing style which is always fun if you're going to love the book. I knew I would like the book because it was recommended to me by one of my best friends!
At first while reading it I wasn't sure if I'd like it at all because I was upset that one of the main characters actually died! I was hoping more for a "out-of-body" experience instead of him actually being dead. darn. 

But you get to learn more about who with the man who died and what people really thought of him and how he as a man was in character as he responded to what people would say. Makes you wonder what people would say about you if you could be dead and watch and listen to what people think and say about you. thought provoking.

Sabrina is just a very genteel, sweet, imaginative girl who comes across a locked door in the house that they are renting and the housekeeper won't open the door for her and is very elusive about the whole thing, so of course any person would be ever MORE curious about this room and why it's always locked.  Sabrina finds her way in and at first just wants to read the books in there and promises to be very careful and to not take anything out, of course later she becomes interested in the person who occupied the room and eventually falls in love with him just by who she thinks he is and by the material things in his room. She can also feel his presence and knows that he is there.

During this whole time when the ghost of this young man returns to his home you watch from the ghosts' perspective so you can read what the ghost is thinking/saying.

2 other characters were of interest to me and wish there was more of them and that is the elusive housekeeper who takes care of the house and is very quiet and pensive but automatically knew when the owner of the house return after he died. The other was Sabrina's father. I feel for the man especially at the end and yet it made me wonder more about the kind of man he was due to some revelations that author give about this father. I wish there was more in the story about them.

Overall it's a fast, easy read that you can read in one sitting. I only liked it and gave it 3 stars because I was so utterly disappointed in the ending.. I was so hoping of the out-of-body experience and instead I got something else.  

Sexual Content: mild
Language: mild
Violence: mild
Drugs/Alcohol: mild

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