Monday, June 1, 2015


We here at Awesome Book Nuts have decided to get together and do a Summer Giveaway Challenge. Where throughout this summer we will be giving away AWESOME prizes to those who decide to enter!

This is how it works: We will come up with a challenge-nothing too difficult (photo, quote, answer a question etc...) and all you have to do is post it either here in the comments, Twitter, or on our Facebook all as a comment with the hashtag #ABNchallenge and you will be entered in whatever giveaway we've got going on! And boy do we have some AWESOME prizes to give away!

Will this be International?
Some will be USA only and some WILL be International and we will make sure you know that.

When will it start and for how long?
This will START June 7th. So pay attention to that day, because we will issue the challenge and the prize! And the challenge will go on for 3 weeks!

-You must be a follower on ANY social media, cause how else will you know about this?
-You can only enter in ONE time.

Can't WAIT! See you June 7th!
Awesome Book Nuts


  1. That just happens to be my 10th wedding anniversary! Good luck must follow, am I right? Love giveaways and such!