Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Deadly Little Sins (Prep School Confidential #3) by Kara Taylor

It’s August and Anne is back in New York City for the summer, but she can’t escape the memories of the terrible things that happened at the Wheatley School last spring— and the possibility of being expelled looming over her. When an unexpected— and suspicious— turn of events gets Anne sent back to Wheatley, she’s determined to figure out what happened to her favorite teacher and only adult ally at the school: Ms. Cross.

After a shocking, gruesome murder with connections to the Wheatley School occurs, Anne is convinced there’s more to Ms. Cross’s sudden disappearance, and that her favorite teacher is in danger. But after an ugly breakup with Brent and a new, inexplicable distance between her and Anthony, Anne isn’t sure who she can trust. And even worse, someone at Wheatley knows the truth about what happened to Ms. Cross— someone who will stop at nothing to keep Anne from learning the truth in this engrossing, unputdownable read.

My Thoughts:
Meh. if you've read the first two books in the series then I always think it's nice to continue on but otherwise there's no real reason to read this book.

The first two books were so cute. Not only was there some kind of who-done-it mystery and some major sleuthing, but there was a lot going on with friends and family and school. Anne and her group followed multiple storylines and it was interesting. This book was basically only about the mystery. I got a little bored of just reading about new clues and developing leads, without any personal stories about Anne and her friends. It was almost like Anne just wanted to not have friends anymore, the way she ignored and bailed on everyone. In fact, I don't understand why these kids were her friends at all; She wasn't all that nice to anyone, used them to help her access information and lied to everyone. A couple of times a person would randomly choose to give her some kind of critical information or a tip of some sort without her giving any compensation, or even asking. It didn't make sense.

The way things played out with Anthony was abrupt. And annoying. I felt like he deserved better than that. Shoot, I wanted better than that. The Brent storyline boring, sporadic, expected and lame. The climactic scene and ending was the same way. I just wasn't invested in this story like I was the first two; There wasn't enough connection with Anne or any of the other characters.

And then there was the matter of So Many Characters being introduced then forgotten about. I was getting really confused trying to keep all the names straight. And Anne started using a whole lot of really cliched, cheesy sleuthing terminology. I mean, it was everywhere. Once in a while in a silly little gum shoe mystery book, the corny PI terms could be cute. But it was way overplayed.

The way this ended felt like it was leading up to another series, which could be fun. If the next books are more like the first two books and not this third one. I was disappointed.

Sexual Content: Moderate
Language: Moderate
Violence: Moderate
Drugs/Alcohol: Moderate

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