Monday, April 20, 2015

Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley (Coming April 28, 2015)

Neil Gaiman’s Stardust meets John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars in this fantasy about a girl caught between two worlds…two races…and two destinies.

Aza Ray is drowning in thin air.

Since she was a baby, Aza has suffered from a mysterious lung disease that makes it ever harder for her to breathe, to speak—to live.

So when Aza catches a glimpse of a ship in the sky, her family chalks it up to a cruel side effect of her medication. But Aza doesn’t think this is a hallucination. She can hear someone on the ship calling her name.

Only her best friend, Jason, listens. Jason, who’s always been there. Jason, for whom she might have more-than-friendly feelings. But before Aza can consider that thrilling idea, something goes terribly wrong. Aza is lost to our world—and found, by another. Magonia.

Above the clouds, in a land of trading ships, Aza is not the weak and dying thing she was. In Magonia, she can breathe for the first time. Better, she has immense power—and as she navigates her new life, she discovers that war is coming. Magonia and Earth are on the cusp of a reckoning. And in Aza’s hands lies the fate of the whole of humanity—including the boy who loves her. Where do her loyalties lie?

My Thoughts: No spoilers because I REALLY want you to read it! 

Same, Emma Stone.  Same.

I picked this book, solely because of the feather on the cover (don't judge me).  Yes. I like feathers.  Some might even go so far as to say I “love” feathers.  I think they are beautiful and amazing.  But I digress… 

I have never, ever read a book like this one.  This story was just so completely original that, despite my initial disdain for Aza (which lessened as the book progressed - I loved her in the end) I was entranced after a few chapters.  As for her name? Aza Ray = beautiful.  Even if she was referred to only as Aza, I called her Aza Ray in my head through the whole book.

Aza is dying of a disease that is so rare it bears her name – although she prefers to call the disease Clive.  Her parents and sister practically live their lives on pins and needles because the smallest thing can set off an episode that will send her to the hospital. 

In the book, it all starts when she sees a very real ship floating in the sky and no one believes her.  They all think it is a hallucination brought on by her medication(s).  She starts to hear her name in the wind, so to speak.  Someone or something is calling to her.  Things continue to get worse until finally, in a horrific, can’t-stop-reading episode - Aza dies.

She wakes up in Magonia (which, by the way, is a place that she and her bff/love interest Jason had discussed (but dismissed) shortly before her death, because he is the only one who will listen to her).  She is a brand new person with strong lungs and a strong body.  And: she’s blue.  *The creatures that inhabit Magonia are simply amazing.  When you read it (which you should) you will understand.*  She is reunited with her mother, from whom Aza was stolen when she wasn't even hatched. (Yes. Hatched.)

Chaos, danger, and high fantasy adventures ensue as Aza tries to discover who she is and where she belongs in her new-found life.  Where are her loyalties?  Who can she trust?  YOU HAVE TO READ IT.

I believe this will be a “love it or hate it” book, whenever it finally catches on.  I sincerely hope it does, because this book deserves so much attention!  I’m totally fangirling over Headley’s writing and I will be finding other works of hers to devour asap.

PS - HarperCollins picked up Magonia & "a sequel", so I can't wait to see where this goes!!!!!

Sexual Content: very mild
Violence: moderate to heavy (depending on your gore tolerance)
Language: mild/moderate (I don’t remember it being that bad)
Drugs/Alcohol: mild (there may not be any at all, but I can’t be 100% sure, sorry)

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