Thursday, March 19, 2015

Vendetta by Catherine Doyle

Publication Date: February 24, 2015
Publisher: Chicken House
Pages: 352

Blood Will Spill, Hearts Will Break: With a fierce rivalry raging between two warring families, falling in love is the deadliest thing Sophie could do. An epic debut set outside modern-day Chicago.

For Sophie, it feels like another slow, hot summer in Cedar Hill, waitressing at her family’s diner and hanging out with her best friend Millie. But then someone moves into the long-abandoned mansion up the block--a family of five Italian brothers, each one hotter than the last. Unable to resist caramel-eyed Nicoli, Sophie finds herself falling for him -- and willfully ignoring the warning signs. Why are Nic's knuckles cut and bruised? Why does he carry an engraved switchblade? And why does his arrogant and infuriating older brother, Luca, refuse to let her see him? As the boys' dark secrets begin to come to light, Sophie is confronted with stinging truths about her own family, too. Suddenly, she's torn between two warring dynasties: the one she’s related to and the one she's now in love with. She'll have to choose between loyalty and passione. When she does, blood will spill, hearts will break. Because in this twisted underworld, dishonor can be the difference between life and death.
My Thoughts:
I have been waiting to get my hands on this book! Once I heard what it was about, I wanted it. It just sounded so good and so interesting! And it was just that awesome! I am so excited to see how Catherine Doyle plays this series out. I can't wait for book two! UGH these series!

I really liked this book because I felt it was a gritty, tense, thriller of a family of crime. The cast of characters is so dynamic and diverse it was incredible. I enjoyed the drama of this dark tale of grudges, revenge, and obsession. I enjoyed the lines that were crossed between good and bad, what's right and what's wrong and how far one will go to stay true to your family and their beliefs.

The main character Sophie was ok, she wasn't amazing to me but not annoying either. I found myself rolling my eyes at her a few times but hey she's not terrible.

I really enjoyed the five brothers of this family that moves in and their wide range of differences in personality and character. I felt the author did a GREAT job with keeping them completely separate during the whole book.

One thing I hated and ALMOST put the book down was the "insta-love" I am finding that I just can't stand that in a book, where is the mystery and the enjoyment of the tenseness between two characters? sheesh! well like I said, I ALMOST put it down but however there was one character that really intrigued me and I even tweeted to the author while reading it that I wanted more of him! She promised that there would be more and I was not disappointed. I cannot wait to see what the author does with him and Sophie. Yes, this does elude that there is a possible love triangle but it was super intriguing and not at all annoying! The thing is, no character knows of it yet except the reader and you don't suspect anything till way later in the book which was fabulous!

I completely loved this book and the shock factor was so shocking I was floored! I totally did NOT see THAT coming! it was insane! wow! still blown over it.

Overall if you're looking for a fun, intense mysterious contemporary I would so recommend this book! I loved it!

Sexual Content: moderate (some kissing and an attempted rape-not graphic but enough to know what's going on)
Language: moderate (a few F words)
Drugs/Alcohol: moderate (underage drinking)

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