Sunday, January 11, 2015

Habits Kick Back by Marsha Cornelius

Prescription drugs are so common in the future they’re called supplements, and dispensed at meals like side dishes. Just like everyone else, Luna takes pills to curb her appetite, increase her memory, focus her concentration, improve her mood, even suppress her sex drive.

By her sophomore year in college, however, she’s beginning to wonder what life is like outside this drug-induced state. The perfect opportunity to break out of the mire comes when she sees a picture of a medallion from the 5th century. She’s not sure where she’s seen it, but she hopes once her mind is clear, she will find the artifact.

When she stops taking supplements, she discovers food tastes delicious, her friend Sal is suddenly sexy, and the search for the lost medallion turns into a real adventure.
Hopefully, all her new habits don’t get her killed.

My Thoughts:

*Disclaimer:  This is the first time I've done a video to review a book, so please bear with me.  I had a very hard time writing out my thoughts on this one, so I did a video instead.  (And I hate the still that was automatically chosen... boooo)

Overall, I do recommend the book (although I give it 3.5 stars) because  it made me think.  I like when a book forces me to consider alternate paths.

The story is intriguing, but there was a bit of flip-flopping going on and it was a bit "preachy" at times.  The story didn't flow quite as well as I expected.  It was a little inconsistent, but it came together in the end.  For the most part, I enjoyed it.

Sexual Content: heavy
Language: mild (I don't remember any language, to be honest)
Violence: mild-moderate
Drugs/Alcohol: heavy

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