Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Assassin's Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke

Ananna of the Tanarau abandons ship when her parents try to marry her off to another pirate clan. But that only prompts the scorned clan to send an assassin after her. When Ananna faces him down one night, armed with magic she doesn't really know how to use, she accidentally activates a curse binding them together. 

To break the spell, Ananna and the assassin must complete three impossible tasks--all while grappling with evil wizards, floating islands, haughty manticores, runaway nobility, strange magic...and the growing romantic tension between them.

My Thoughts:
This was a cute, fun, light, adventure with pirates, magic, curses, and of course, assassins. 

However the problems I had with this story is it was underdeveloped, I had a hard time getting into the story. I felt that the beginning of the story was fine where the main character Ananna runs away from an arranged marriage and the fact that his family sent assassin's after her to kill her because of it. But after that I was hoping for more, I wanted a little more about this abandoned fiancĂ© and the narrative becomes neglected after that and I felt the author pretty much focused on moving the story along. Plus the ending? It just...ended. It DID however leave me WANTING to read the sequel so in terns of that I guess she succeeded but other than that, the whole story just left me, wanting. 

I felt the actual assassin, Naji, lacked somewhere. He didn't seem like the assassin I would assume assassin's would be like. Sure he was nice and A LITTLE distant but nothing to keep really interested in him. He was bit of a disappointment. He does have a bit of mystery surround him and the fact that he is scarred but other than that I just wan't into him. 

The main character Ananna was a little immature for me. Yes she is 16 and maybe that is why but for some reason I just want to reach in the book and slap her and say, "shut up for the love!" and she was just a bit annoying to me. I think the author was trying to make her sassy, which she was it just was too much for me and it got on my nerves. 

The story progresses with Ananna ending up saving the assassin's life by killing a snake that was about to strike him. Because of that Naji is cursed and forever bound to Ananna to protect her on verge of death himself. There were many things I liked about this, the fact that neither are happy about it, the fact that they have to be near each other at all times so Naji doesn't get sick or have headaches and whatever the the whole journey begins of them trying to find a way to break this curse. 
However the over all story was eventually fun, once things got going and Naji found himself with a bit more character I was overall able to enjoy the story. It was cute and a quick little fun adventure regardless of the issues I had with it. I would recommend this to people because it still was enjoyable and I still want to continue with the story and see where it goes. She did do a good job of making you want to find out what happens and see if they are able to break this curse.

Sexual Content: mild
Violence: moderate (some fighting scenes not graphic)
Language: mild

Drugs/Alcohol: mild/none

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