Monday, November 10, 2014

The Young Elites by Marie Lu

I am tired of being used, hurt, and cast aside.

Adelina Amouteru is a survivor of the blood fever. A decade ago, the deadly illness swept through her nation. Most of the infected perished, while many of the children who survived were left with strange markings. Adelina’s black hair turned silver, her lashes went pale, and now she has only a jagged scar where her left eye once was. Her cruel father believes she is a malfetto, an abomination, ruining their family’s good name and standing in the way of their fortune. But some of the fever’s survivors are rumored to possess more than just scars—they are believed to have mysterious and powerful gifts, and though their identities remain secret, they have come to be called the Young Elites.

Teren Santoro works for the king. As Leader of the Inquisition Axis, it is his job to seek out the Young Elites, to destroy them before they destroy the nation. He believes the Young Elites to be dangerous and vengeful, but it’s Teren who may possess the darkest secret of all.

Enzo Valenciano is a member of the Dagger Society. This secret sect of Young Elites seeks out others like them before the Inquisition Axis can. But when the Daggers find Adelina, they discover someone with powers like they’ve never seen.

Adelina wants to believe Enzo is on her side, and that Teren is the true enemy. But the lives of these three will collide in unexpected ways, as each fights a very different and personal battle. But of one thing they are all certain: Adelina has abilities that shouldn’t belong in this world. A vengeful blackness in her heart. And a desire to destroy all who dare to cross her.

It is my turn to use. My turn to hurt.
My Thoughts:
I started this book not knowing what I was getting into. I find that when I do not read the synopsis of a book, I enjoy it better because I am going into something that with absolutely no expectations! 

This book has soooo many aspects that I like to see in my YA books! Instead of a hero story this is a complex "villain" story where the main character is dark and physically scarred. All characters have some sort of "flaw" in their appearance. We have a great story with just the right amount of romance that doesn't overtake the story but is very light. Plus we have a beautiful and completely platonic friendship between a male and female character. 

This story is about a girl named Adelina who was raised by a father who abused and tortured her. She lost an eye due to a feet that swept through her country and killed massive amounts of people but leaving lots of others physically scarred but with these scars came powers. You'd think the world would be crazy excited to have powers but with the scarring came a mental stigma that they called those who survived the fever and scarred are called "malfetto" who are hated, shunned, and even feared due to their "imperfections." Adelina is such a person and her father tried to use that to his advantage and hurt her in order to get what he wanted. 

One night after fear of being sold to a man to be a mistress, Adelina flees, which ends up her killing her father in self defense. She is then captured, charged with murder and sentenced to death by fire. She is saved by a group of people that have survived the fever, who are marked, and have powers. And they call themselves....The Young Elites... 

The leader of this group is named Enzo, an exiled prince who wants to take his rightful throne back and will do whatever it takes to get it back. I liked him a lot because he isn't "weak" he is strong and perfect for his role. 

The Young Elites are after one thing, and that is to take back what is theirs. A place in this world. Adelina
learns the night of her father's death that she does have powers and her powers are wielded by the darkness that surrounds her. She tries to be the hero, the good person but because of everything in her past and the darkness within her, her powers are frightening because of what it takes for Adelina to use.

My favorite however is the relationship between Adelina and Rafaelle who is a male courtesan, who outside of his "work" he is kind, smart, and overall good. Yet he senses Adelina and the darkness that surrounds her. Although he is a beautiful person, he treats Adelina with the kindness she never had, the only light she felt came with "no strings attached." He hates what he does but it's done with a purpose in mind and that is to further The Young Elites plans to help Enzo recapture the crown.

Overall this book was new to me and I really enjoyed it. I really hope for a redemption when it comes to some characters in this new trilogy. 

Sexual Content: moderate (PG-13ish some kissing, understanding of the job of a courtesan and what it entails with either sex)
Language: moderate 
Violence: moderate
Drugs/Alcohol: mild

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