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Echoes of a Gloried Past by Ken Lozito

I am Aaron Jace of the House Alenzar’seth, the Lords of Shandara. The world of Safanar has been sheltered by the blood and sacrifice of my ancestors but no more, for I am the last.

The Drake, a construct of advanced Hythariam technology, has taken Sarah, and is using our love to change her into an assassin. I am her target. Some have advised me to abandon Sarah to her fate, believing that she is beyond saving, but that is something I won’t do.

Whispers of the return of the Alenzar’seth are spreading throughout Safanar. Nations are mobilizing to rebel against the tyranny of the High King, but there is a grave threat poised to strike the people of Safanar known to only a few. Everything is about to change.

The fall of Shandara may yet spell certain doom for the people of Safanar. The barrier between worlds is failing, and the Hythariam refugees living on Safanar have returned to honor the sacrifices of my family.

Aaron’s quest to save the woman he loves will take him to the very heart of Khamearra. Home of the High King and the Elitesmen Order, where he will find the most unlikely of allies. Time is running out for Sarah. She has only days before she is lost and if Aaron can’t reach her in time, then nothing he can do will save her from what she will become.

Echoes of a Gloried Past is the second installment of the epic fantasy adventure Safanarion Order series, continuing this not so traditional fantasy. The worlds of myth and science will coalesce in this epic tale of action adventure with ancient allies and enemies alike preparing for war.

My Thoughts:

Echoes picks up right where Road to Shandara left off:  Aaron is trying his best to think of a way to save his beloved Sarah, not caring what lengths he has to go to.

While trying to help Aaron fight the Drake, Sarah was taken by it and entranced.  There are these things called Nanites, which are technology of the Hythariam (who are more connected to the Drake and the Ryakul than you think), that the Drake infected Sarah with by breathing them onto her.  Aaron clings onto the mental connection he has with Sarah and knows that while she is fighting the effects of the Nanites, she is on borrowed time.  There is no way that she can fight them off.  Or is there?

Aaron’s new friend Roselyn, a Hythariam healer, thinks she has a way to help Sarah, but she will need the much coveted travel crystals used by the dreaded Elitesmen and the privileged people of Khamearra to work out her plan.

Aaron, determined as he is, decides to infiltrate Khamearra and steal some of the travel crystals so that he can save his lady love.  Once inside the tower that houses/charges the crystals, Aaron comes face to face with High King Amorak, who is also Ferasdiam Marked, and discovers the king’s true feelings toward his daughter.  The High King disowned her and stated that she chose her own fate (pretty much).

Once reunited with his friends, Aaron discovers that one of them has been killed by an Elitesman.  Talk about adding fuel to the fire.  The people are tired of the oppression they suffer at the hands of the High King and trouble is definitely brewing.

While some of Aaron’s friends are off trying to form alliances between kingdoms in preparation for the coming war, Aaron is chasing down Sarah (obviously).  He finds her, and the Drake, on a mountainside that is absolutely crawling with Ryakul, which are controlled by the Drake.

*This is kind of what I picture a Ryakul looking like, maybe just a bit smaller?*

Meanwhile, Mactar is scheming for his own means.  He intends to learn how to control the Ryakul and use them to his advantage.  I really didn’t like him and found myself really rooting for Tarimus to get his revenge.  Tarimus is a demon, basically, that Mactar had enslaved and was using to do his evil bidding, until Tarimus got Aaron to set him free (all in the first book).

Aaron and his friends do find Sarah, but he must heed to advice of an unexpected ally and is forced to confront a very difficult decision regarding their futures.

Holy cow...  It took me WAY longer to read this than I expected, and that’s not because it wasn’t a good book.  It was a great book!  I enjoyed this one just as much as the first one, but the spelling and grammatical errors were more prevalent in this one.  I’m not sure if it’s because it’s an ARC (although, I’m not sure if it is or not) or what.  I want to give Echoes of a Gloried Past 5 stars, because when I start reading it I just don’t want to stop, but the grammar takes one away for me.  I was definitely able to read it easily, it’s not like it gets confusing or anything.  They’re just simple spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors that were seemingly overlooked by the editor(s).

Great story though!!

*Mr. Lozito provided me with a copy of his book, and in return asked me to read and write a review.  Thanks Mr. Lozito!

Sexual Content: None
Language: Mild
Violence: Heavy
Drugs/Alcohol: Mild

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