Saturday, August 23, 2014

Gates of Thread and Stone by Lori M. Lee

Book Description
In the Labyrinth, we had a saying: keep silent, keep still, keep safe.

In a city of walls and secrets, where only one man is supposed to possess magic, seventeen-year-old Kai struggles to keep hidden her own secret—she can manipulate the threads of time. When Kai was eight, she was found by Reev on the riverbank, and her “brother” has taken care of her ever since. Kai doesn’t know where her ability comes from—or where shecame from. All that matters is that she and Reev stay together, and maybe one day move out of the freight container they call home, away from the metal walls of the Labyrinth. Kai’s only friend is Avan, the shopkeeper’s son with the scandalous reputation that both frightens and intrigues her.

Then Reev disappears. When keeping silent and safe means losing him forever, Kai vows to do whatever it takes to find him. She will leave the only home she’s ever known and risk getting caught up in a revolution centuries in the making. But to save Reev, Kai must unravel the threads of her past and face shocking truths about her brother, her friendship with Avan, and her unique power.
My Thoughts:
The book overall was just amazing. I loved the dark, gritty feel to this post-apocalypic feel. The world building with a society that has survived a war between magic users and military which then are combined.

The story is about Kai a girl found by a boy named Reev who pretty much adopts her and they literally grow just like adopted siblings. Kai has no memory of her life before she was found by Reev and doesn't know anything about Reev before he found her. Yet, they take care of each other and do everything for each other in order to survive. They are very poor but work hard and do what they have to survive, including keeping hidden Kai's magical power to slow time. Reev knows of her powers and does everything he can to ensure that she doesn't use it.

When one day Reev goes missing Kai sets out to do whatever it takes to find and bring her brother back. With the help of a boy named Avan whom Kai has had a crush on for years, even though she doesn't want him along Kai is grateful to have his help. Kai was a great character who didn't allow her feelings for Avan to overtake any precedence in her search for her brother, which created that exciting feel of, "what going to happen between Kai and Avan." The romance doesn't overwhelm the story it's a very nice undertone which I appreciated greatly.

I loved the adventure of this story where Kai and Avan go beyond the city limits to seek answers to questions that could possibly lead Kai to her lost brother. I loved the paranormal, post-apocalypitic everything; the destroyed landscapes, the evolved creepy creatures the roam the out limits of the city, the magical binding in this story. It was all just perfect to create the amazing adventure that this author created.

THE ONE thing I have a problem with in this book, is the "filler content" that I found to be unnecessary. I do not understand the need to have 2 guys making out, and the the author describe that when it had nothing to do with the story. I didn't understand the point of having the reader be invested in a character or love interest and then make the reader unsure if he is gay? I didn't understand the need to have a character seem like an amazing great person who possibly shared a bed with anybody who would open their door to them, and explain that is was possibly with both sexes. Why taint the character in that way? Was it to create uncertainty for the reader or another character? I just felt it to be a bit unnecessary. But enjoyed the rest of the story none-the-less.

Overall I loved the story regardless of the issues I had with it.

Sexual Content: Moderate (some kissing, description of 2 guys making out, characters working or entering a brothel)
Violence: moderate (fighting-not too graphic)
Drugs/Alcohol: mild
Language: mild/none

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