Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Borrowing Books

Yeah there needs to be some things set right here. right now. I LOVE and HATE to let people borrow my books, why? because some people treat books differently... Some treat them like they are tools, to be used and abused as long as it gets the job done. Others are less abusive when reading books but still not as OCD. Then there are people like me, who treat books like they are new born babies that need to be cradled and loved and valued. Here are my RULES for borrowing books:

#1 NO JACKETS- yes, if you are going to borrow my books you will get a hardback without the jacket. Why? because it can come back to me dirty and I don't want to jacket ruined in any way and I don't want it ripped or bent or used as a bookmark. No, no jackets.

#2 Return the Book in a Timely Fashion- If you are not going to read the book in a foreseeable future? why borrow at all? when you are ready or have time THEN borrow the book. Why? because books get lost, damaged, stolen, left unattended. NO!

#3 No Dog Earring the Pages- This isn't your book, or a library book, you are damaging someone else's property! RUDE! I don't dog ear my pages nor should you! I like my pages to be kept they way they were printed and straight. To me, the pages were not meant to be bent!

#4 NO FOOD!- how gross is it when you get a book from somewhere and you find weird, nasty, stuff in the creases of the book, it could be boogers, crackers, or pieces of last night's Chinese take out and now has grown an extra leg as it sat in the creases of a romantic part in a book! GROSS! Plus grease, spaghetti sauce, and such don't come out of paper! It's not like I can wipe it up! so no, no, no, no, eating around my books.

#5 NO SPINE BENDING!- Again, it's not your book, it's not a library book so DON'T DAMAGE MY PROPERTY! Even if it IS the library book, bending the spine can cause such damage that pages start to come out of the book! I like my spines to have no creases on them. Yes there is so a way to read a paperback without bending the spine. I have let 3 people borrow BRAND NEW BOOKS that I haven't even read yet that were paperbacks and had them return DESTROYED because they bent the spine. If you EVER do that to my books I will kill you...

#6 No Sub-lending- I find it completely rude when you think it's ok to let someone else borrow my book without telling me. I have asked people where my book is and have had them tell me they lent it to a friend because they thought I wouldn't mind....I DO MIND! I don't know them, I don't know how they treat books, I don't know if they will move and accidentally take me book! No, it's not ok! ASK me first!

#7 No Throwing or Stuffing- I understand that sometimes we go on trips or have to run errands to the dentist or the doctor and want to take a book while waiting for your turn. well, too bad no stuffing in bags because that's how corners get ruined and I don't like that! I understand that when your in a story and very invested in it and something ticks you off so bad you have to throw the book across the room and have it slam against the wall, I get it I've done it. But you can't, not with my books. Throw something else, or slam your head against the wall to make you feel better.

#8 Don't Drop Books in Puddles- which generally means you shouldn't be walking and reading at the same time with my book(s). that would be greatly appreciated.

 *you can even watch my video on Borrowing Books! 

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  1. I totally agree with all of your rules. Get a library card, people! So much easier than borrowing books from me!