Friday, February 28, 2014

Book Review: Death Sworn By: Leah Cypess

Book Description:
When Ileni lost her magic, she lost everything: her place in society, her purpose in life, and the man she had expected to spend her life with. So when the Elders sent her to be magic tutor to a secret sect of assassins, she went willingly, even though the last two tutors had died under mysterious circumstances.

But beneath the assassins’ caves, Ileni will discover a new place and a new purpose… and a new and dangerous love. She will struggle to keep her lost magic a secret while teaching it to her deadly students, and to find out what happened to the two tutors who preceded her. But what she discovers will change not only her future, but the future of her people, the assassins… and possibly the entire world.

My Thoughts:
If you suffer from claustrophobia, do not read this book. Why? because 99.7 % of this book is done underground, in caves. Yeah... there were times I was needed to step outside to get my head out of the book and remember I'm not trapped in caves. I would NOT have done well if I was Ileni (the main character), nope.

This book was fun, it has it all, murder, magic, mayhem, political intrigue, no love triangles, plot twists, no insta-love. It was great!

So Ileni, our heroine, is on a suicide mission--pretty much-- due to her fading magical power. She was one of the greatest, most powerful sorceress and then she kind of grew out of it. She didn't understand it and so she volunteers herself to enter the caves of-just men-assassins, to teach them the art of magic and how to best use it in what they are being trained to become, assassins. Because she knows her power is fading, and fading fast, she leaves her lover, her life and pretty much the only family to knew to become a teacher for as long as she is able until one of the assassins decides to kill her like the 2 previous teachers were before her. Not only is she brought there to teach but to find out what happened to the 2 precious magical teachers brought here to help only to be murdered after a short time.

However throughout the entire book she struggles to survive, and keep herself one step ahead of the "game" and keep herself afloat for as long as she possibly can without letting anyone know of her fading power because once that's gone, what use will they have for her? And she can't be set free to divulge any of their secrets.

Then there is Sorin, an assassin asked to be her protector-she after all the ONLY female in all the caves-yet they don't get a long because Ileni can't/doesn't understand how someone can be taught to be completely devoid of feeling and take something so precious as life and end it, without thought or conscious. And Sorin can't/doesn't understand why her people don't protect and use their power to take down evil for the greater good. Sorin is a great character, not a "bad guy" and yet is quick to do what is asked of him without hesitation. He desires to be of use and not sit around guarding some female who is hold secrets, stubborn and impulsive.

These 2 together are just....great! They work so well together because they come from completely different worlds but compliment each other as opposites. I loved it!

The whole story was different, and this was a great start for the next few books, it's paved the way with and built up so many different things that is exciting, I can't wait to see what else this series holds!

 Overall: It was quick and fun and I completely enjoyed myself

Sexual Content: mild (some kissing)
Language: mild
Violence: moderate (scenes of murder, suicide (not graphic) and some mild fight scenes)
Drugs/Alcohol: mild (1 mild party scene where alcohol is present)

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