Friday, June 28, 2013

Book Review: Spirit and Dust By: Rosemary Clement-Moore

Book Description:
Daisy Goodnight can speak to the dead. It’s not the result of a head injury or some near-death experience. She was just born that way. And she’s really good at it. Good enough to help the police solve the occasional homicide.

But helping the local authorities clear cold cases is one thing. Being whisked out of chemistry class by the FBI and flown to the scene of a murder/kidnapping in Minnesota? That’s the real deal.

Before the promotion can go to Daisy’s head, she’s up to her neck in trouble. The spirits are talking, and they’re terrified. There’s a real living girl in danger. And when Daisy is kidnapped by a crime boss with no scruples about using magic—and Daisy—to get what he wants, it looks like hers is the next soul on the line.

My Thoughts:
This was just your all around fun, adventure, mystery with just the right amount of romance book. Where the female character is fun and sarcastic. I LOVE IT!

Daisy is not your typical girl in this book. No, she is a gothic. But not your Emo gothic, she is a snarky, loving life, loves her craziness kind of gothic, and it was so much fun to read.

I love the flirtatous relationship between Daisy and her FBI agent. I like how he calls her Jailbait and she calls him Agent Tasty. They have a great relationship that doesn't go anywhere because he feels she is too young and he is an agent and they are just colleagues. I like how they speak to each other in code and it just somply fun to read.

Carson is part of the family that kidnaps Daisy while Daisy is trying to help the FBI with a murder/kidnapping mystery and I enjoyed their easy going relationship. Even though they had the same goal and even though they went about it in different ways, there was still an attraction that was just low key enough to enjoy with out having it heavly coat the rest of the story.

The murder/kidnapping story itself was simply entertaining. I liked reading the different ghosts that Daisy comes accross and their different personalities. I enjoyed the twist in the end that I wasn't fully expecting but wasn't too surprised by it either.

Overall it was just an easy, fun read.

Language: moderate (PG-13)
Sexual Content: moderate (PG)
Violence: moderate (PG-13)
Drugs/Alcohol: mild
Here is my video review on it! Check it out!

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