Sunday, April 7, 2013

Book Review: The Exiled Queen By: Cinda Williams Chima

Book Description:
Haunted by the loss of his mother and sister, hunted by the powerful Bayar family, Han Alister makes a devil’s bargain with the clans. If they sponsor his schooling at Mystwerk Academy at Oden’s Ford, he will become their magical sell-sword against the power-hungry Wizard Council.

Han and his clan friend Fire Dancer undertake the dangerous journey south through war-torn Arden. Once in Oden’s Ford, it doesn’t take long for the smoldering feud between Han and Micah Bayar to kindle into flame. After several attempts on his life, Han knows he has to find a way to defend himself.

In the magical dream world of Aediion, Han meets the mysterious Crow, a wizard with a long-standing grudge against the Bayars. Crow offers to tutor Han in wizardry in exchange for his help. Han agrees, once again forced into a bargain he hopes he won’t regret.

Meanwhile, Han’s friends Fire Dancer and Cat Tyburn struggle with their own demons. Dancer is determined to become a clan flashcrafter, despite his charmcaster status. Cat carries a load of guilt, as the only survivor of the slaughter of the gangs in Ragmarket and Southbridge.

Resuming her disguise as gently-born Rebecca Morley, Princess Raisa ana’Marianna travels with her friend Amon Byrne and his triple of cadets to Wien House, the military academy at Oden’s Ford. There she hopes she will find both temporary sanctuary from a forced marriage and the education she needs to succeed as the next Gray Wolf queen.

Much of Raisa’s education takes place outside of the classroom. As she mingles with students of all classes from throughout the Seven Realms, she forges the kind of friendships that don’t happen amid the cut-throat politics of the Gray Wolf Court. She also struggles to deal with her attraction to Amon—an attraction he seems determined to discourage.

When Han Alister asks the girl he knows as Rebecca to tutor him, she agrees. The streetlord turned wizard with the complicated past fascinates her, and he makes it clear the interest is mutual. But Han blames Queen Marianna and the Bayars for the loss of his family. As their relationship deepens, Raisa suspects that if Han knew her true identity, he wouldn’t want anything to do with her

My Thoughts:
Again, majorly slow and I didn't understand why all this extra, unnecessary side stories?! ok she MUST be building up for something big cause again I had to chug through this book!

Again Raisa/Rebecca was nothing but annoying to me, just not an interesting character. She falls in love with guys like it's a daily habit of changing your underwear! she is one of those heroines who thinks that the world revolves around her and whose sense of self-preservation borders on extreme. Her relationship with Amon is tiresome, they keep going back on forth over their relationship which we know won't ever happen and we know why so it's rolling of the eyes to listen to their overwrought melodrama. It is even more tiring to listen to Raisa's inner monologue on Amon's qualities and all you want to do is punch her! haha

Amon, I'm still trying to understand his role in all this and what's the point in the melodramatic relationship that can't happen with Raisa. If it can't happen whats the point in putting it in there? was it an attempt of a love triangle? poorly done in my opinion.

Han. Was pretty much the only thing that kept me going and the only reason why I was able to finish this book. I like the whole magic practice and the whole who he is trying to serve and the improvement of himself. I liked him a lot and I think he is just cool!

Crow-interesting, and I read somewhere a theory that he might be the Demon King...interesting. I know he isn't gone so he is an interesting character that I want to know more about.

Dancer-I liked him too, and feel bad for him but I wonder what his role will be in this series.

So overall it was good (in my opinion) because of Han. The rest was just fluff that I wanted to get through so I could go back to Han and his story.

Violence: mild
Language: mild
Sexual Content: mild
Drugs/Alcohol: mild

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